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T24302CLC Combination EFI Mechanical Fuel System Tool Cart for GE FDL Engines less cart

T24302CLC Combination EFI Mechanical Fuel System Tool Cart for GE FDL Engines less cart

Same contents as the T24302C tool cart, minus the actual cart.

T10402  Rocker Arm Depressor T20702  Universal Rack Setting Gage
T10892  Piston Ring Compressor T22040  Pneumatic Barring Over Tool
T10900  Piston Support Bar T22303  Compression Tester Set
T10980   Piston Ring Groove Scraper T22520  250 lb. Ft. Torque Wrench
T10992  Ring Expander T23221  Piston Retainer
T11220  Art Rod Guide Pin T23500  Turbo Bolt Torque Adapter

T12300  Timing Tram Bar T23502  Turbo Mounting Bolt Wrench
T12962  Governor Gap Gage T24101  Pneumatic Torque Kit
T13221  Cylinder Insert Wrench T50370  Inlet Casing Wrench Adapter
T13670  (2) Cylinder Installation Guide Pins T51432  Exhaust Manifold Flange Adapter
T14062  Piston Retainer T51750  Cooling System Test Kit
T14582  Art Rod Pin Bolt Wrench T52051  Cam Shaft Roller Lifter
T14740  Art Rod Pin Retainer T52060  Feeler Gage
T14740D   Art Rod Pin Retainer (Double Pin) T54210  Test Gage Kit
T14921  (2) Conn Rod Bearing Retainer T54330  Master Rod Cap Lifter
T15110  Socket 15/16" T54442  Camshaft Section Wrench Adapter
T15171  Adapter T54552  Cylinder Lifter (Shipped on sep. skid)
T15804  Governor Tail Rod Jack T54931  Fuel Line Torque Wrench
T15926  Fuel Line Torque Kit T55570  Exhaust Manifold Elbow Torque Wrench
T15927  Fuel Line Torque Kit T55971  Pushrod Height Adjustment Gage
T16551  Master Rod Lifter T55991  Camshaft Segment Lifter
T17801  Box Wrench Torque kit T56031  Tappet Rod Holder
T18230  600 lb. Ft. Torque Wrench T56051  Tappet Nut Torque Wrench Kit
T18231  Conn Rod Cap Removing Wrench T57140  1 1/2" Torque Adapter (Low Pressure)


 Piston Protector T57150L  Fuel Roller Retaining Plate - Left
T18411  Piston Pin Bolt Wrench T57150R  Fuel Roller Retaining Plate - Right
T18560  Nozzle Knocker T57160  7mm Nut Runner
T18593  Piston & Rod Lifter T57161  5mm Nut Runner
T18660  1 1/8" Socket 3/4" drive T58160  Cam Section Bolt Speeder
T19164  Turbocharger Lifter T58440  Barring Arbor