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T51750 Cooling System Test Kit for GE and EMD Engines

T51750 Cooling System Test Kit for GE and EMD Engines

This kit is designed to introduce 20 PSI water pressure to the cooling system via the water tank fill neck. The fill neck pressure fixture is placed on the fill neck the same as the locomotive pressure cap and a spring is then compressed to ensure a positive seal at 20 PSI. Other pressures can be utilized depending on railway mechanical specifications from 0-25 PSI. 

    House water is connected to regulator kit with the inlet valve closed , the dump valve closed and the pressure regulator backed off (minimum spring pressure). The inlet valve is then opened and pressure increased by the regulator to 20 PSI. Once the system is charged, the inlet valve is closed. Pressure should be maintained, otherwise a leak in the system is present.

NOTE: Sufficient time should be allowed for the system to be charged - if inlet valve is closed and the gage immediately reads less than 20 PSI, the system is not charged. Open inlet valve and finish charging system. If leaks are indicated, a full system inspection is required including an engine crankcase inspection. Once the test is complete, with the inlet valve closed, back off the pressure regulator to minimum spring pressure and open the dump valve to release the water under pressure. Direct the water away from all personnel by holding and directing the dump hose. Once the gage reads "0" and all flow is stopped, the fill neck pressure fixture can be removed. First reduce the spring pressure and then remove the fixture from the fill neck. The pressure regulator provides a range of 0-27 PSI water pressure and the fill neck pressure fixture spring rate was adjusted to relieve at 27 PSI.

T51750 - Cooling System Test Kit
T51760  Water Regulator Kit
T51780  GE Fill Neck Pressure Fixture
T51780 - Fill Neck Pressure Fixture
T51850 Tangs (3)
T51860 Gasket
T51870 Screws (6)
T51760 - Water Regulator Kit
T51800  Inlet Valve
T51790  Water Regulator
T51820  1/2" Pipe Cross 
T51830  Pressure Gage (0-60 PSI)
T51840 1/2" Nipple
T51800 Dump Valve
T51810 Dump Hose
T16040 Hose
T50150 Cage